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These Century Bridge courses are the best way to ensure you or your child will achieve your English proficiency goals. Wherever the student is in their English development — just starting out, preparing for study abroad, even stuck and struggling to make progress — choosing the right Century Bridge course is the key to getting to the finish line.

About the Century Bridge Curriculum

Designed by our team of accredited ESL experts, the award-winning Century Bridge Modular Curriculum includes a range of different courses and resources to ensure a good learning outcome for every student’s learning style. The core of the program is our ever-popular one-on-one English tutoring based on the Century Bridge Foundation course plan. These thirty-minute sessions are conducted by our dedicated, caring instructors, using our advanced online platform; your instructor will work with you to set up a schedule that both fits into your busy life, and also fits your own individual learning speed and review needs. But your Century Bridge journey doesn’t stop there; advanced courses include Thematic Conversation, which is an exciting chance to interact with your teacher, and reinforce what you’ve learned so that the right English phrase is always ready on the tip of your tongue. Keep reading to choose your course, or learn more about our curriculum for children here, and our curriculum for teens and adults here.

Why is one-on-one so important?

Have you or your child struggled with English proficiency in the past? Every student has a different learning style. Unfortunately, many of the classes that students take in public or private school have a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That doesn’t work for many students. At Century Bridge, our teaching team has decades of experience designing courses and curricula for students of all ages and all learning styles, and all our experience tells us that the vast majority of students can benefit from a customized learning experience tailored to their particular needs.

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Please download the Century Bridge mobile app and create your student account before you purchase a course. You can also try a free trial class to be sure that Century Bridge is right for you! Our customer service can help you get started. If you’ve already signed up for your student account in the mobile app, you’re ready to purchase one of the courses below!

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The Century Bridge Journey classes fill up quickly, so it is important to contact our customer service representatives today. You can reserve your place right now by paying the tuition (please read our terms of service and our refund guarantee).

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