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Sound & Video Test Guide

To make sure you have a great learning experience, please test the speakers, microphone and camera on the device that you will use (tablet, computer, or other) before class time arrives. Here is your guide to testing your sound and video quickly and easily. It only takes a moment!

On the App front page, open the menu in the upper right corner:

Choose “Test Audio/Video” or “Test Computer Audio/Video”

If you choose “Test Audio/Video”, your device browser will open and connect to an empty classroom where you can test your speakers, microphone and camera.

If you choose “Test Computer Audio/Video”, you will receive an email with a link to the sound test classroom, so that you can open it on your computer.

In the classroom, choose “Microphone”:

Choose “Allow” to let Century Bridge access your microphone:

Wait a moment for the echo test to begin:

In the echo test, speak a few words and listen for the sound of your voice.

If you can’t hear anything, please try these steps –

  • Speak louder;
  • Speak more closely to the microphone;
  • Turn up the volume on your speakers;
  • If you still can’t hear anything, choose “No” and select a different microphone:

If after all these steps, you still can’t hear anything in the echo test, please contact our customer service for help right away! Otherwise, the teacher might not be able to hear you when it’s time for class!

If you can hear yourself, choose “Yes”:

Turn on the camera

When you finish the echo test, the classroom view will appear. Next, please select the camera:

Choose “Allow” to let Century Bridge access your camera:

Choose “Start Sharing”:

If you can see yourself, please choose “Start sharing”. If you can’t see yourself, please double-check whether the correct camera is selected.

You finished the Audio/Video test! Congratulations!

As soon as you see yourself appear, you’re done with the Audio/Video test! Good job!

At this point, it’s normal that you can’t hear yourself (the echo test is finished). If you would like to double-check that your microphone is still working, try speaking a few words, and your username should appear:

Best wishes for a great learning experience from all of us here at Century Bridge!

For next steps, please take a look at this guide: Quick-Start Guide