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APP下載與說明 | App Instructions


Century Bridge students are all using the mobile App to find a teacher and schedule classes. Please follow these easy steps to get started!

1. 下載 | Download

點取以下連結開APP STORE. 如果您正在用電腦看這網頁,也可以用手機或平板掃描QR碼:

Tap the button below to open the App store. Or scan the QR code with your mobile device if you are looking at this website on a different screen:

(Apple) Download on the App Store
(Android) Get it on Google Play

若以上方法遇到任何困難,直接搜索 百院Century Bridge 也可以:

If you have any trouble finding the App, just search for 百院 or Century Bridge:

2. 註冊 | Sign Up

先註冊一個帳號。註冊完畢後會有一堂免費課程 (如果要買更多堂數,請聯絡百院客服 – FBLINE).

First, create an account. After you sign up, you’ll receive one free class (if you’d like to order more class credits, please contact customer service on Facebook or LINE).

3. 選老師上課 | Choose a Teacher


Tap “find a teacher” at the bottom, and a list of Century Bridge teachers appears. Choose a teacher and time.

4. 或用時間表約時間上課 | Choose Class Time


Tap “schedule” at the bottom, and choose “find a class”. Available teachers will show up, choose the one you like. Then you’re all set! (Our teachers are located in east coast of the USA. Their available times are 7:00-11:00 am or 19:00-23:00 pm)

5. 約好課會收到老師的ZOOM Email

約好課,上課十分鐘與五分鐘前會收到ZOOM Email,進去就可以了

The student will receive a Zoom Email. Simply enter the class from the Email.

6. 開始上課吧! | Have a great class!

7. 這裡可以確認課程、取消課程,也可以發訊息給老師


8. 每次下課後,您可以到這裡看到老師寫給您與孩子的Class Notes.

百院線上英文家教祝您 上課愉快!| Have fun learning!